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  1. Eli Johnson says:

    I enjoy many of your programs! Keep up the good work!


    I am curious as to why no one mentioned a dam and saving the water for future use so we don’t have to take 2 min. showers. Most of what your panel said was only common sense and in our family we have said the same things for years. Either get food, which would include pests, from out of our country or quit letting people move into the area. Plus you might have to put up with an epidemic of diarrhea considering other countries are still using pesticides and DDT.
    Letting a lot of water go down the river doesn’t seem to make sense to most of the people that we talk to. If we had a dam then maybe that should happen, but not without another dam to save what snow melt we do get when we have a wet year.
    Mike Jerkovich

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